Telescopic Conveyors




The telescopic conveyors are widely used for light duty cargo transportation,truck and container

loading,easy packing processing.Obviously it is flexible,mobile and omni-direction.


1.Space saving:Extended length is normally 3 times of original:L(extended)=3xL(original)

2.Omni-direction:Easy to move and control the direction,can be used as 180° transfer

3.Multi-carriers:The carrier can be steel rollers but also skatewheels

4.Powered type:Combined with moter or moter rollers,it can be powered conveyor.

Standard Specification(in mm,kg):

Type Tube Diameter Mini Length Max Length Unit Weight Unit Capacity
SS-A ø38/ø50 350 1150 20/25 45/55
SS-B ø38/ø50 350/500 1150 20/25 45/55
SS-C ø38/ø48 350 1150 15 30