About HRD Automatic

HRD Automatic is a division of CMEC Group Suzhou Co.Ltd.As a leading state-owned company, we are committed to presenting our customers with the best automatic solutions of storage and logistic products.Whether you are seeking for material handling products or turnkey solutions provider,please contact us right now.


We serve the world market with a wide range of logistic systems with the highest quality standards at competitive prices.Our factory is supported with a modern product line and a group of rich experienced engineers since 1996.The equipments and service we can provide include:all kinds of rollers and CE approved conveyors.

Solutions and Services

HRD believes there's no such thing as "one-size-fits-all" logistic solution. We not only sell the stardard products,but also sell the solutions and services.In our group,we have a material handling institute in beijing,which issues of most material handling standards in China.And,we have been cooperating with chinese highest research organization-Chinese academy of sciences for many years.So,HRD has enough capability and service for current and future customers,after seven steps: Assess, Design, Engineer, Source, Finance, Install and Maintain, the finished project will serve cutomers with high reputation.

Certificate and financial Support

In order to normalize our internal management and convince our customers,we are certified with ISO9001 standard and can provide first class bank reference.Meanwhile,we can issue all kinds of Letters of guarantee from bank of china if the project amount reaches one million US dollars.