Material Handling Solutions-Not only conveyors

The conveyor plays an important role in the supply chain,but we can never seperate it from other equipments in given processing.To provide whole support for customer's requirement,HRD can design the whole integrated material handling solution,and fulfill site installation,after sales maintain service.

The first step HRD will collect the requirements from you.After primary analysis,we will show you what we can do for the project.Our bottom line is the main technology should fall in the business scope of HRD.If it doesn't in our scope,we will tell you and give you our well-meaning suggestion.

HRD will issue the CAD file layout drawing ,specification sheet system.Then we discuss the functions, parameters to make every thing clear before customer place the order.

Based on mutual benefit and reasonable price policy,HRD will issue the quotation sheet to you and will provide financial support to ensure the project can successfully excute.For instance,we can issue the refund/performance guarantee if the project amount exceeds one USD million .

When the products reach your site,we will send a support team(normally at least 2 persons) to finish core part of system,instruct workers assembling the line, debug the whole system.

At the site,our support team will teach your engineer regular maintaining method ,issue the installation and maintain manual.No matter in or out the warranty period, we will provide prompt response to solve any problem.