All kinds of Conveyors

At HRD™,we produce high quality logistic conveyors:

Telescopic conveyors(rollers,skatewheels,etc)

Roller conveyors(gravity,single/double chain driven,etc)

Belt conveyors(Horizontal,inclined,head driven,intermediate drive n,telescopic,etc)

Chain conveyors(common,double plus,etc)

Slat conveyors

Live spool roller conveyors

Mesh belt conveyors

Vertical conveyors(Continuous,reciprocating,etc)

Transfer(Turntable,lift and chain driven transfer,180° transfer,etc)

In our opinion, the conveyors are normally nonstandard and customized products.To avoid selecting confusing ,we won't divide products into too many types.If you feel any difficulty to select what you need,please read our selection guide or directly send your enquiry to