Chain Conveyors

1.Chain Conveyor



The chain conveyors are designed for palletized cargo transportation.They are widely used to be part of AS/RS system.Good loading capacity,great performance.The max loading capacity is normally 2000kgs per meter.


1.Simple structure,easy maintenance.

2.Palletized transportation

3.Compatiable with vertical conveyosr,curved conveyors and pallet collectors.

Standard Specification(in mm) :

Material Length Height(min) Chain Capacity Power
CS/AA 25000 160mm 08B/10A/26A,etc 200-2000kgs 0.4-2.2kw


2.Double Plus Chain Conveyor



The double plus chain conveyors are designed for palletized or uniform cargo transportation.Due to the double plus chain structure,the pallet speed can be several times of the chain.It has the accumulating effective and suitable for free beating production lines.The max loading capacity is normally 400kgs per square meter.


1.Large loading capacity

2.Smooth speed and precise synchronous transportation

3.Suitable for foul working environment

Standard Specification:

Speed 2-40m/min Chain 2.5/3 times
Width 350-1200mm Power 0.25-2.2kw
Unit Length 20m Air >5kw/cm2
Capacity 400kgs/m2 Supply AC 220/380V
Temperature -20°C-80°C