Live Spool Roller Conveyors



The live spool roller conveyor is a clean,reliable,low noise and high speed design.The operation noise is normally 35% lower than other type's.Meanwhile,the max speed can be 60m/min.The live spool conveyor is widely used as diffluent and confluent part of logistic system.


1.Clean and beauty structure

2.High speed and reliable

3.Low noise and quite operation

Standard Specification(in mm) :

Type 3815 5015
Drive Method Chain(08B/08A/10A) Chain(08B/08A/10A)
Roller Size ø38(Tube Dia)xT1.5xø12(shaft dia) ø50(Tube Dia)xT1.5xø12(shaft dia)
Roller Width 100-1000 100-1000
Roller Pitch 50/75/100/150/200 75/100/150/200
Frame Size 120x30x3 120x30x3
Sprocket 08B14T 08B14T
Length 1000-10000 1000-10000
Height 450-1000 450-1000
Moter 0.1/0.2/0.4/0.75/1.5 0.1/0.2/0.4/0.75/1.5
Supply AC 380V 3phases AC 380V 3phases